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Global Academic Society (GAS)

Global Academic Society (GAS) is educational research and nongovernmental organization registered under the society registration act 21 of 1866 no-888/2009-10 Global Academic Society encourages and provide national forum of research work in different field of education. Society provides a platform for the young research scholars and scientist to reciprocate and encourage new thoughts with a wide glory of professors of established reputation. Society also covers recent discoveries in structural and functional principal of education fields particularly in developing country. The society involved in organizing seminars, lectures, conferences, symposia, workshop etc. in field of human resources development. Society publish journal, books, leaflets etc. Society promote cleaning, water conservation, good wealth, education policy as well as aware and educate about environmental conservation and social issues. Society promotes entrepreneurial, educational leadership among the colleges, institutions, school and society.

  1. To provide a platform for research scholars and young scientist to reciprocate and encourage new thoughts wide galaxy of professors of established reputation.
  2. To encourage and provide a normal forum for the publication of research work in different field of education.
  3. To provide the knowledge and awareness for the sustaining environment and natural resources.
  4.  To organize seminars, conferences, workshop, symposium, debates, lectures etc.
  5. To promote entrepreneurial education leadership among the institution, colleges, schools and society.
  6. To conduct sponsored and non-sponsored education programme with support of institution academic bodies, government and NGO.
  7. To provide and encourage tree plantation, save water, cleaning , good health, education policy for human value.
  8. To published books, journals, leaflets, newspaper etc.
  9. To collaborate, affiliated and cooperate with Academic bodies and also provide consultancy to others institutions and organization for establishment of new institution with a view to bringing sustainability.
  10.  To establish academic/intuitions, Schools. Colleges, Universities, for teaching, training and Research Institutes in different field of education.
  11.  To perform and develop all other activities time to time as suggestion of board members.